Company Profile

Wujiashen is a wholly-owned subsidiaries of Green Pharma Group established in 2009, also adopted GMP certification in the same year and became one of the earliest owner in China.

Operation Philosophy

Human health is philosophy of Wujiashen, wujiashen standing on the nature��s shoulder, accept the nature��s grant, always operating and working with a thankful and awestruck heart.

R & D ability

Health Industry Innovation & Developing Center based on TCM and advanced technology establish in 1988. Cooperated with veteran doctors of TCM and scientific research institution acquire great progress on extraction and new drugs development.


Cosmeceuticals are cosmetic products with bioactive ingredients purported to have medical or drug-like benefits. It is getting well known among people who quest for beauty also focus on health in this health consciousness era. Herbal ingredients began to have excellent performance besides pharmaceuticals in acne treatment, anti-inflammation, anti-aging, sterilization, whitening and so on. Herbal ingredients also be used in food and beverage, like flavors, energy drink, instant tea and others.

Quality Assurance

Wujiashen is a professional pharmaceutical ingredient processing factory who has adopted state-of-the-art facilities and extracting technology. Each ingredient is processed under FDA��s GMP��s related supplement in strict sanitary conditions. Continual monitoring and testing is carried on throughout all processing steps like sourcing, handling, extraction, and drying.
All the material we used both purchased and self-planted shall be subjected to strict scrutiny and testing, finished products as well. our QC program includes a complete battery of identity, purity, and quality tests using TLC, HPLC and other techniques. Besides, our QC staff are through professional training and practiced.
Additionally, the samples of all finished product are retained for 2 years.



Certificate & Cooperator