Company Profile

  Wujiashen is one of 6 subsidiaries of Yichun Green Pharmaceutical Group Co.,Ltd. It is established in Apr. 2009 and located in Yichun 83.4% area is covered by forest and known as “Natural Oxygen Bar”and“Forest City”. Green Group provides powerful support on fund, technology and other resources. Wujuashen as a important role of sales on Green Group, has a 18-year sales experience in domestic market , and start developing international market in 2010.

Company Name
Established Time
Basic Information
Heilongjiang Green Pharm.Co.,Ltd
2001 Floor Space: 160,000 sqm
Footprint: 15,000 sqm
Warehouse: 5,000 sqm
R&D Base: 1,000 sqm ,
Annual output: 1,000 tons
Yichun Baicao Garden Medicinal Materials Co,Ltd 2005 Business Scope: Medicinal materials
                                planting base
Yichun Wujiashen Pharm. Co.,Ltd 2009 Original Brands: Linbao® and Kenian®.
Business Scope: International market.
Yichun Linbao Pharm. Co.,Ltd 2011 Floor Space: 32,000 sqm
Production: 5 workshops
Annual Output: 1,000 tons extraction
Yichun Ping’ an Drugstore Chain Co.,Ltd. 2012 Business Scope: Chinese Patent Medicine
                                online business
Linbao Pharm. (Harbin) Co.,Ltd 2014 Floor Space: 13,000 sqm
Footprint: 5,000 sqm
Warehouse: 372 sqm
R&D Base: 342 sqm
Annual Output: 215 tons finished-products