Operation Philosophy

     Green Group established in 1985 who has developing 31 years from a small factory to a group which including Planting Base, Innovation Center, Processing Factory, Whole Sale System totally 6 wholly-owned subsidiaries. Human health is philosophy of Green, we standing on the nature’s shoulder, accept the nature’s grant, always operating and working with a thankful and awestruck heart.

  Quality is a developing stone of Green. Based on this, we insist self-sufficient from material resource to products in order to control quality better. Every Green staff knows that deeply and working according as well. Honored that we became one of the earliest GMP owner in 2009.

  Green focus on science and technology developing and devote to combine Chinese Medicine and western advanced technology. We adopt advanced equipment also cooperate with well- known domestic universities and veteran doctors of Traditional Chinese Medicine establishing Innovation & Developing Center . Totally obtained 23 technical patents.

   We appreciateand respect everybody who contributes efforts on Green’s developing and always be obliged to nature.