R & D ability

Health Industry Innovation & Developing Center based on TCM and advanced technology establish in 1988 which include R&D center, industrialization and other related administrative departments. So far, it has obtained 23 patents for invention. R&D and Industrialization as the core departments cover an area of 1342 sqm, over 70 professionals on bio-pharmaceuticals. Also adopt advanced technology & equipment including professional facilities 208 sets, inspection apparatus 80 sets.

      The scope of R&D center is new drugs developing, pharmacology and drug efficacy and clinical pharmacology study, Chinese Herbs Extraction and preparation technology, quality standard etc. Industrialization department focus on high-efficiency separation & purification, supercritical extraction, automatic control, controlled  release, transdermal absorption and targeting technology.

      we also adopt ancient prescriptions from veteran doctors of TCM cooperating with Heilongjiang University of Chinese Medicine, Northeast Agricultural University Shandong Chinese Medicine University as our partner validate through modern technology. More than 30 kinds of TCM is in the domestic market.