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Why Use Liquid Herbal Extracts?

Author:  Wujiashen 2017-02-22 Times

Why Use Liquid Herbal Extracts?

Over 3000 years of safe use is documented in European history Liquid Extracts are the easiest to use form of herbal products as they are prepared, shelf-stable, and can come in small bottles that do not leak and easily fit into your pocket or purse.  Liquid Extracts are the perfect form of herbal product for people on the go, you can add your extract into your water or just take a few drops here and there as you need them.  

Many Liquid Extracts taste great and by tasting their unique flavors you will gain benefits from the herbs as the case with many herbs is that enzymatic reactions in your mouth from the herbs create the subsequent physiological reactions to occur.  This aspect of Liquid Extracts has a lot more to offer than encapsulations or pills of herbs, as they fail to trigger vital receptors and make reactions early into their entry in the body that would enhance their overall efficaciousness.  This is especially important for bitters, as the taste triggers cascades of reactions to occur all through the digestive tract instantaneously.  If swallowed without tasting, bitters never truly do their job in priming digestion for proper function and increased digestive prowess.

Liquid Extracts immediately assimilable when taken into the mouth, or even applied to the skin, and are invaluable for acute and symptomatic conditions as they have an immediate effect.  

Liquid Extracts will last up to 10 years or more with a minimal loss of potency and most will remain quite potent even longer.  However, we recommend that you purchase no more than a years supply to ensure you are always getting the freshest batch available.